Christopher Mel

The Mirror
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2021-11-05 13:11:09 (UTC)

Been doing it all wrong.

You're working too hard, only to be rewarded with more work. Do like the other half of society and try doing less. You've got no bills or responsibilities, right? Even better. Request time off, because work is so stressful being the smartest person in the room and you need that personal time that other workers don't deserve so you can contemplate the philosophical meanings of life while you stare at a wall. Contemplate how hard and complex your life is, as it must be, being burdened with the sheer weight of your own gifted genius as you stand around doing nothing. Meanwhile, the rest of us are sacrificing our time, working shithole jobs we hate because we're conditioned to believe that 'if you work hard, you'll achieve blah blah', only except the payoff never actually comes. Turns out, you had an option all along. Just say "No, I'll sit this one out, because my time is more valuable than everyone else's." Meanwhile I'm struggling to find time for personal projects inbetween work, no support. But ya'll need personal time. I wish I had time to gawk around doing nothing, thinging about the complexities of life, or smoking weed all day, or whatever the fuck these kids do in their spare time besides workin'. What's the point of all this meaningful thought, when it's not followed by meaningful action? Just sittin' there pouting doin' nothin', but hey at least your shit don't stink. Gotta love people who are above the grind, yet do nothing anyway. Hey, ever notice that the people who either call out the most, request off the most, and are generally the most unreliable, always complain about pay. "Oh, I'll do this easy task without any errors if I had gotten paid more for it. I'll actually show up to work if I'm paid more." The bare minimum, these people want to be overcompensated financially for. Now with this covid shit it just gave those people more of an excuse to justify their laziness. Now you have to pay people bonuses just to apply? Where's our 500 bucks for getting vaccinated then? And then treat the non vaccinated like sub human, ya know, like how ya treat black people when they enter your line of vision. Maybe I should take a page and just dick off. Request off, hell, just not show up for work. There are many options available now, and all who pay more, apparently. Everyone else can do whatever they want, so why not? What are you busting your ass for, when everyone else gets paid the same for dicking off or doing nothing?

Speaking of which, I gotta leave to go to this shithole in 5 minutes. Closing, but at least I got a competent crew. And no females slowing us down. Although I might get stuck with the one weirdo whom, if you're black, apparently lacks the mental capacity to acknowledge you. I mean in terms of basic communication work wise. It's like I'm communicating with a fuckin' wall. I get it, I know that you cave dweller's brains function differently, what with that built up privilege and massive ego acquired from always getting your way just by showing up and demanding things, but does that have to translate to dating as well? I mean, I noticed these people date people who look just like them, like they're siblings. I find it weird and gross. I know your brains only run on familiarity and fear of 'difference' but geeze, you DON'T see the resemblance between you and your partner? Don't find it weird you're dating your sister/brother, practically? Whatever, I don't care about these people. I don't have any friends here, or on this earth in general. I find people annoying and untrustworthy. But see, instead of hating people for merely existing. I hate humans for their behavior and general predictable thought patterns. They fear difference even though it's the different ones who turn out to be the smarter ones. Because they're not bogged down with fitting in or meeting your narrow expectations, they do what they want. I can't do that, though. I'd be lying if I said I didn't fantasize about crushing have the skulls of these people when I walk into work. Like I said, I was never one of the 'good guys', but perhaps I should take a page from you entitled lot and just say fuck it. Start doing whatever I want, Who's gonna call me out on it? Half these fuckers walk around like their shit don't stink anyway. They don't pretend to NOT be assholes, so why should I pretend like I don't wanna crush your skull in? No, no, it's one of those adaptability situations, so I'll hold back as to not draw attention. Only need funds here for a little while longer. Violence aside, I'll just be more true to myself, and not try to associate or befriend prey/sheep. Stick to your own kind, and I'll stick to my- oh wait, I don't have one. I'll just be a one man army, like I'm destined to. Better yet, maybe I'll just be a complete fuckin' asshole. It's funny when people are too scared to do or say anything about it. What are you gonna do about it? Kill me? Fire me? Literally anything that you consider a punishment is a reward for me, so I don't care either way. We folks who have nothing to lose, are the most dangerous anyway... :)