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2021-11-05 12:28:35 (UTC)

Sleepless night & V's bday

Yesterday i just couldnt sleep. Last I was awake toll 330am I giess I fell asleep after 4am. Errgghhh I shouldn't sleep in the afternoon. Or maybe I shouuse much phone. Today I look like a ghost.
Well, today is V's bday i was hoping to se his pic on his sis story but nahhh that bitch didn't put. Instead she put ber friends bday pic I wonder why. I waited for so many days... just out of curiosity I wanted to see his latest pic. Shyaaa but no bitch didn't. Chuck it... i wished him in my mind am sure it will reach to him. I WONDER DID HE thi k of me?? Why would he hahaha . I hope be has good one. No matter what I just cant think bad for him except that he should regret of what he did to me. Hmmm... am not at hospitals with sis for her sonography. Thats kinda boring but its ok. I wonder when will i visit docs for my pregnancy sonography hehehe
I have to rush cyaaa