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2021-11-05 11:31:55 (UTC)

Too much time on retirement

‎Friday, ‎5 ‎November, ‎2021

Whoops I just want to cancel the order, before paying for a service that does not give me a complete report. Thanks for the weeks access for $2.00. But, just not correct. After all I did a search on myself John Lewis, 75 years old, and had me in jail/prison. Never been to prison in my life. Went to jail because of a corrupt Bentonville sheriff, working over eleven years as a bad crook against the Arkansas people. Using my name john lewis did bring up some area's of truth, but they were other people that I never knew or even met. I came up with many reports that were just wrong on both sides. Discontinue and fix or repair your system that your making money from people that want only the truth and giving bad information not your fault from what I can see while searching more on myself. Once you run this check yourself, Your going to want to warn your customers. Thanks Again John Lewis

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