My secret life
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2021-11-05 08:09:17 (UTC)

Gotta fix the freeze

Just got back in from another adventure. This time I was out about 20 minutes , but I’m gonna have to do something about my feet. It’s 27 degrees out, the ground it bone chilling cold and wet, but managed to stay out that long. By the time I got back, they are numb. I’ve come up with an idea, I’ll slip in a pair of shoes to wear. The rest of my body is somewhat cold, but nothing like what my feet feel. So shoes it is!

Traffic seems heavy for this hour of the night, but I was able to make it to location, (A) this time. (Corner of the complex next to the business). I’ve created a google map of my routes I’ve taken, and labeled them. I’d like to find a place to display my adventures on line, but haven’t come up with any place to post them at yet.

While I was out, the neighbor woman/grandma must have come out to smoke again. Unusual for her to be out at that hour, she’s usually fine by 3:00am. As I came up from the roadway, as I topped the hill, I saw the glare of her patio light being on. My feet were frozen, and it was hard to say how long she would be out. So, I quietly made my way towards my patio, and the only thing blocking her full view was the shadow box privacy fence. As I slowly walked by the fence, I could see in a little as I made my way back to my door. Who I thought it to be, grandma, was actually the very sexy, daughter! I paused to look at her the best I could through the fence. She had on a heavy robe. I think she should come along with me on some nude walks!
Here I was no more than ten feet from her, and I was naked. If she only knew I was there. The next time I see her out and we strike up a conversation, I’ll think back about this moment.

So I slipped back inside my place, and by now my feet were frozen. I’ve got them wrapped up in my blanket, but I haven’t put anything else back on, and I may not. I enjoy my nudity, and I would probably do so most of the time if I could. I think I’ve solved the cold feet predicament, shoes, even though it’s not like being completely naked, but, I can’t have frozen feet either. Done for tonight.

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