Fake It Till You Make It
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2021-11-04 23:12:32 (UTC)

A Little bit of poetry

Here is what my Father Taught me:

ONE.How to leave something better than it was when you found it. TWO How much thoughtless words hurt
THREE. How to put on a business face, to face the world around you smile, nod, cry behind closed doors.
FOUR. "I'm showing you how to do this so you never need a man to do it for you." FIVE. I will never beat him
or win if he's the one i am playing against. SIX. Some things aren't games. SEVEN. There are things even grown
men cannot carry. EIGHT. Laughing at yourself, Laughing at other people, Laughing so you don't cry. NINE. I love you.
TEN. people who you trust, will let you down, people that you think won't change- do keep your eyes wide open always.

A poem by me, after the style of Bella Townsend, after Alaska Gold.

Things my mother Taught me:

ONE." Look on the bright side, stop being so negative all the time" TWO. Do it over again until you get it right. THREE. Love covers
a multitude of sins. FOUR.How to cook without measuring anything, but how to measure more important things like people's character
FIVE. How i should never settle for less than i deserve how it's better to be alone than to be with the wrong person. SIX My Abc's and 123's
History, Cursive, My education, How to keep learning even after school was over. SEVEN. Pray hard, hope Hard, Work Hard. Play Hard, Life is hard.
EIGHT. Miracles do happen every once in a while. NINE. How she will always be a better person that i could ever hope to be in my lifetime.
TEN. Cherish the people you have while you have them because life is short and you never know when that last conversation is the LAST conversation.

A poem by me after the style of Bella Townsend after Alaska Gold.

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