Fake It Till You Make It
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2021-11-03 22:12:51 (UTC)

Colder weather

It's been a good day.
(it's hard for me to leave it at that and not say what was not so good about it, i have a problem.)
but i'm going to slowly work on that by leaving that there.... at simply it's been a good day.
because by all rights it was.

Tonight i laughed and joked around with my friend and my sisters...and it was beautiful.
I'm really thankful for those moments, i took some pictures in my mind because i want to remember that, us laughing and my younger sister sitting against my bedroom door while my older sister forces her way in acting chaotic and crazy and making us all laugh and my telling them all funny things that have happened though out the day.
tomorrow is Thursday, which will end up being another long day, i'll have the kids, but i'm not upset about it i can live with that.

(i guess maybe i should explain that i am helping my parents raise my Brothers children, who i am as well as my parents are, their official foster family, and will be adopting them in the new year, they are 6, 4 and 2 year old boys.
so when i say kids it's them i'm talking about, i don't have any of my own, but when i'm talking care of the three boys and my sisters (the older one which i mentioned above is develop mentally delayed and while biologically older is mentally about 6-7) and the younger one is 13, so 5 kids on a regular basis that is my responsibility to take care of and keep alive, isn't that always the list to keep the tiny humans alive.
anyway i will have them all tomorrow from morning to late, which is a normal thing but it's part of my work day.

For now, I'm going to curl up in my bed and read for a while, listen to some music, and go to sleep.... i feel like life was good today.
and i'm hopeful for things to slow down a bit next week which will be really nice, and then it's Birthdays and holidays and cool weather.
I think i'm going to try to write some poetry tomorrow, i have some bits and pieces that i want to try to form into something that will be a beautiful piece.
but who knows, when i try to write poetry it falls flat and then when i'm busy all the lines and rhymes and metaphors come rushing in and i feel like i have to rush around writing things on napkins, in the notes on my phone or on my own arm so i don't forget the good idea lol.
anyone else relate to that?
cheers to you, and to living another day.

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