Scream Above the Sounds
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2021-11-03 10:54:25 (UTC)

The Climb & The Stag

I've been meaning to write for a while, but I've just been so busy, or tired. Last Wednesday we left to go to Snowdon in an attempt to climb it, but sadly it wasn't to be. The weather was just absolutely savage; rain and winds like I had never seen before made it pretty much an impossible job. I was pretty well equipped gear wise, I bought so much stuff on Amazon ready for this trip. It was beautiful to be fair, as gruelling as the weather was, it was genuinely amazing to look at. I wish I could have got more pictures. We got to the base of Snowdon, which took about two and a half hours maybe? I honestly don't know if I would be cut out to do it if the weather was any different. I'm just not fit enough. Despite the waterproofed gear, we were absolutely soaked. It was a good experience though, and it was nice to get away with two of my friends for a few days. To be fair, I hadn't done any research whatsoever, I just agreed. I assumed Snowdon would be a mountain we would drive to and then begin, I didn't realise the amount of pain and suffering that came before it! One of my friends wants to go back and try again next year, but I couldn't say whether I'll go again. I might be one and done. I probably would end up going if I was nagged enough. The drive was about 4 hours too, but me and my friend have a playlist with over 3000 songs so that got us through it comfortably; from singing BackStreet Boys to James Bond songs, we survived.

We stayed at a pub for a few days, and it wasn't bad, besides the owner looking like a murderer. We had a room with tons of coffee/hot chocolate and cookies, so we dived straight into that, but the place was absolutely desolate. Besides a small Londis shop, there was nothing there. After the climb, we did a bit of research to go and potentially eat somewhere, which obviously involved a bit of driving. The place we were looking for didn't even exist anymore! We checked in a few local pubs but none seemed to do food, besides one pub which offered nothing but beef stew. We decided to keep walking until eventually we walked past a fish and chip shop, and that was it. The big meal. I actually ordered burger and chips from there which turned out to be really nice. We decided we'd not eat until we got back to the pub, as it wasn't very far. I was desperate for sleep at this point. It was only about 7:30pm and all I wanted to do was rest. We went into the bar area for a while and sat down to discuss one of the friends big nights we are doing, kind of like a second stag night I suppose, but it's more game/competition themed. it's shaping up to be pretty fun, and everybody is going to dress up as a Mario character. I have foolishly chosen Waluigi, I've bought the costume but I don't think it looks particularly impressive, but ah well. It is what it is, the aim is to get wasted.

The actual stag is coming up this Saturday. I'm still not entirely sure what to expect, the guy who is organising it as been very weird with people, and despite us having a WhatsApp group he has kept most of us in the dark regarding the day. All I know is, it involves go-karting and a night out at some 80s-90s club, which suits me perfectly. I just don't really know the timeframe of the day, and what else is happening in between. I've had several people come to me asking about it, because I'm pretty close with the guy who is getting married. A lot of them asked me why I wasn't best man, and I think it's probably because I don't have a great relationship with his fiancée, but we are doing pretty good lately. In fact I would say we are the best we have ever been, so long may that continue. It probably is the reason, but another reason could be that I was best man for his brothers wedding a few years ago, I don't know. I don't think I could do it again anyway, it was terrifying. But yeah, people are coming to me for information and I really don't have anything to offer. I've just said 'yes' and plan to show up when I know what's going on. I just really hope the person organising it gets everything right. These are the kind of days you really can't afford to mess up. I'm pretty excited for it. It's only four weeks until the wedding. That's coming around so fast. I think I'm playing wingman for my friend Pete. We have been joking with him for a while now, but there are seven single ladies (I think?) at the wedding, so I'm sure he'll get chatting to at least one of them. He's been looking for a relationship (or maybe just fun?) for a while now, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for him. He jokingly asked me on the Snowdon trip if I had still 'given up on love', that was some remark I had made a few weeks prior. I don't know if I had said 'given up on love' exactly, but I know I'm definitely not interested. I play the lonely loser too well. Although, this blue suit I bought is actually fire, so I wouldn't begrudge any women (or men) who do come over to me on the day. I'm just kidding, of course.


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