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2021-11-03 09:38:37 (UTC)

Where is the SOUL?

November 3, 2021, Wednesday

Do mandates overrule United States Constitution?

At this time many courts in the states are still making the decision for the people.
Amidst the spread of the Delta variant and ongoing vaccine hesitancy in large swaths of the country, some companies, and state governments have changed their approach from vaccination persuasion to vaccine mandates. The Biden administration has so far been reluctant to broadly require vaccination, even among the federal workforce, despite less than half (49 percent) of eligible Americans being fully vaccinated. On Monday, the Department of Veterans Affairs took steps on its own, announcing it would require vaccination for its frontline health workers, making it the first federal agency to do so.
The VA’s vaccination rate is roughly 70 percent, placing it well above the national average, but officials say still well short of the level needed to snuff out the virus and keep patients safe. Under the new requirements, most patient-facing health care workers—including doctors, dentists, registered nurses, physician assistants, and some specialists—will have eight weeks from Wednesday to get fully inoculated or face penalties that include possible removal from their positions, VA Secretary Denis McDonough said Monday. Employees will also be able to have medical or religious exemptions considered.

The VA’s move comes as New York City and the state of California issued vaccine mandates for more generalized government employees. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Monday that municipal employees, some 340,000 city workers, including police officers and teachers, would be required to be vaccinated by the time school reopens in September or submit to weekly testing. California Governor Gavin Newsome announced a similar measure would go into effect requiring all state employees—in addition to on-site public and private health care workers—to be vaccinated by August 23.

The new mandate at the VA “reflects a growing consensus among private-sector employers, health care centers, and state and local governments to test the legal waters on vaccine requirements as cases rise sharply around the nation,” the New York Times notes. “Scores of hospitals and health care systems have compelled their employees to get vaccines, and recent court decisions have upheld employers’ rights to require vaccinations. In June, a federal judge in Texas dismissed a lawsuit brought by employees of Houston Methodist Hospital who challenged the hospital’s coronavirus vaccination requirement. Last week, a federal judge ruled that Indiana University could require students to be vaccinated as well.”
Ok, if the VA doing as many states in medical care the employees either get the mark of the Beast not shown, but with you in body and soul? Is the 'real you' a special substance that is nonphysical and immortal? Most regular people would agree, but most scientists would not. What are you? A body alone that is dead forever once it dies? Is a soul temporally inhabiting a body? A body unified with a nonphysical entity of some kind? What some theologians think may surprise you.
Is there a soul? Is there an afterlife? The two questions are likely related. No soul, no afterlife. Is there any evidence for either? Any argument? However, the two questions—soul and afterlife—might be separated. A soul but no afterlife? Or an afterlife but no soul? According to science, you cannot have either. But is science the last word?
Suppose those immortal souls exist. Would we feel any differently now? How would it feel after our body disappears? Would we be aware, cognizant of our individual identities? Can we ask questions such that their answers could illuminate the likelihood of immortal souls?
Is a soul required to make a person? If there is no soul, is there no person? Almost all scientists and most philosophers find no need for a soul. Certainly, souls are not known to science. What arguments support a soul? Revelations of religions? But then souls are a matter of faith. Any philosophical theories?
Regarding consciousness and a Soul, consider this:

One of the tenets of the Ancient Wisdom is that “As above,
so below,” or in our Bible, “On earth, as it is in Heaven.” This concept can, by
the Law of Correspondence, or analogy, allow the human intellect to gain at
least a glimpse of the higher realms of our solar system. By studying the structure
and function of a single human entity, such as yourself, and by extrapolation,
we can conceive of the structure and function of the solar system, since
embodied in each human entity is a replica of the entire scheme of existence. Lower
realms are only reflections of higher realms. Plato’s Cave analogy is relevant
here. It was the admonition of the Oracle of the Delphi that “Man Know Thyself,”
or in Greek, Gnothe Seauton. The answer to the mystery of the Sphinx is, MAN; an
animal form and a higher consciousness.

Here is a simple analogy. As the human entity grows, he
needs to discard his clothing for larger sizes. Human forms are “containers”
for soul and spiritual conscious energies. The purpose of evolution is the gradual
expansion of our consciousness. We expand our consciousness, usually by
meditation on things cosmic. Expansions of consciousness are to be understood
as increases in the intensity of the vibratory rate of the conscious energy
contained in the form. As we “grow”
consciously, the present form can no longer accommodate and serve the needs and
purposes of the entity, so we need to “discard,” i.e. allow current, crystallized, and limited forms to “die” and to be replaced by forms more favorable and accommodating
of the increased intensity of the consciousness as it expands. Forms that
cannot “handle” intense energy will burn out, or “disease” the nervous system. The

the human entity needs periodically to be reborn, or reincarnated, in refined forms that
can handle the higher levels of consciousness on up the “ladder of conscious
expansion” back to the “House of The Father,” as the Bible puts it.
In short breaks down to FAITH? In short, Life needs air, that you can't see but are able to breathe, or you would not be reading this. Water, you can see, but were already have to sell water for continued life, as water is disappearing and most water is contaminated which can even kill you. Now water is sold when once free, but profitable.
Food made into many from wheat, straw, leaves, the dirt of Mother Earth, all creations made from earth, as the human body grows then, of course, this is where Faith comes from.

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