My secret life
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2021-11-03 00:59:04 (UTC)

Super cold tonight

Quick note: I’m planning to go out tonight, and the temperature around 3:00am tonight is supposed to be 32 degrees. Tonight will be more of, how long can I stay out rather than where I’m going to.

Write more later.

Update: I was able to get out, but I had over slept, (4:49am) and had to wait til the neighbor girl left for work. I got out, it was around 5:00am, and I checked the outside temperature here, it is 28 degrees out there. Definitely cold, but I think the idea of going out there, and it being cold makes it much more intense as well as being naked. So I stripped my PJ bottoms of, and slipped out the back patio door into the cold, damp, weather, and ground. I could see my breath and the only thing that felt super cold were my feet, and that was mainly because of the very damp ground.

I didn’t have as much time to travel as far as I wanted to, due to my being late getting out, but never the less, I roamed across the back side of my complex, and even ventured down towards the roadway, which at this time traffic is a bit more than 3:00 am. But I was out maybe 5-or even 8 minutes, but there is also the concern of neighbors getup for work. I slipped back inside, closed the door and back into my PJ bottoms. Another milestone in my adventures. This time adding temperature to the mix. It can be fine, this late in te season. I’ve usually only done this in summer months. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been out in single digit temperatures before, but now, I’m going outside on a regular basis, and climate is now a factor. So as winter progresses, and January, February months come, (just some super cold nights) we’ll see how things progress. I’m acclimating my body to it, well, my naked body that is.

I’m back in and have got my feet warming up, as I write, and someone wrote to an earlier writing about tonight asking, “what about shrinkage?” Lol! Well, I can tell you this, I’m more of a shower, so it did retract in some, but not like it hid up inside of me. Lol! Maybe a good challenge, see how long I can keep an erection in this temperature! I did that years ago, with success, but not sure now. Maybe something to document!

Hopefully, I can venture out tomorrow night, or tonight in reality, it’s almost 6:00am here. But I can say this at 28 degrees that temperature on my nude body, didn’t feel like 28, and I was expecting it to say the least. I still encourage anyone who has any questions, to contact me, or if you’d like to see a google map of where my adventures have taken me, here in my neighborhood. I won’t bite!

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