The Covid Diaries
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2021-11-02 19:51:54 (UTC)

Yay me

Well I did it and it was quick and fast like I thought it was gonna be. My next shot is the 22nd of November. I'm glad I got my shot. I also took two advil before I took my shot and made sure I ate something because I didn't eat breakfast today but coffee.

But as of now I don't feel anything no arm sore no nothing. But I know I still of coarse have to wear my mask at all times. I still was gonna wear my mask at all times even if, I got the shot. I don't know about other people though. I was so nervous as hell but I was just scrolling through my phone to avoid all distractions and my distractions is with that needles bc lord God knows I don't like needles. I know I'm 23 but still.

Their are al lot of people who doesn't like needles so haha all you want to I don't care. At least I got it done and taken care of.

- A

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