Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-11-01 20:53:42 (UTC)

Made my bed

Made my bed I work tomorrow don’t want to hope I can start my jewelry business soon

I want to talk about ticktock i keep getting “werid videos” what I mean is videos that don’t match what I think I want but I probably should be thinking about like my gender I keep thinking I’m female but I get a lot of trans videos on the algorithm I can see myself possibly being one of the newr gender labels like non binary or gender fluid I just don’t know though I never experimented and a person who work in a mental hospital shamed me as a kid
Right now I like to identify as a woman but idk if I always will

Then there’s these did tick tocks I don’t think I have full on did but sometimes I feel like another person like that person changes depending on what time or what day it is but most my memories are the same I did experience egnough trauma it could be possible but I never told my therapist I don’t know what to do

Moving on to lighter things I’m so frustrated I can find fairy clothes that look more colorful idk if I’m ever going to be able to sew so it hurts me

Anyway that’s egnough of my diary for this moment might make so more chapters today still need to do the laundry and clean up a little more hopefully I can do that