Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-11-01 17:51:28 (UTC)

I am trying to work myself up ..

I am trying to work myself up to doing my laundry my memory wire scissors came but my beads might take forever and I wants to buy charms for Es bracelet e is in a bad mood today I hope everything is okay I realized there was another vegan chocolate cupcake (just desserts)in the fridge and I took my meds so today’s been a okay day also my acne looks like it might go away
but not sure till it’s gone

I really don’t like the fake cream cheese I bought though it taste werid to me and yesterday I couldn’t find any whole grain or multigrain bagels maybe they don’t make them at Safeway

Fine egnough to be cheerful but just not fine egnough to do my laundry maybe I’ll make my bed first

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