My secret life
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2021-11-01 06:35:32 (UTC)

I’m getting ready

It’s 2:30am, and I was laying on my couch watching outside, planning where to go. I keep wanting to revisit the area where the complex butts up against the housing development. I need to explore it more, abd to get comfortable getting there.

It’s finally stopped raining, but the temperature has gone down to 45 degrees. Tonight will be my test as to how long I’ll be able to stay out in the cold. But it also gives me an added rush knowing I’m completely naked, and it’s cold out. Nobody would think, a normal person would be out in this, completely naked. That makes it more adventures.

I have been watching outside as both my neighbors to the left and right have their patio lights on. The neighbor to my right, is the older, mother of her hot, married, daughter. Both of them usually smoke out on the step of the patio. I’m waiting on them/her to finish and go back in. The neighbor to my left, the one that has the sexy, young Asian girl, and boyfriend live. They have their patio lights on as well. If often wondered if they don’t turn them on to deter my outside adventures. Have they seen me? If they have, why haven’t they said something to me? Maybe she’s seen me, or he’s seen me, maybe both like what they sees, or just finds it entertaining. But either way, I’m waiting for them to turn out their lights too.

Well, my golden hour is approaching, that 3:00am feeding of my desires to set out into the public area, naked. If anyone ever has a comment, or opinion, or even a new idea, I’d like to hear. Thanks for reading.

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