Becoming quietly confident
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2021-10-30 06:06:12 (UTC)

Checking boxes and Halloween

I finally got the second bathroom quote scheduled. The first quote was 10g, that was for everything that needed done. My husband asked for 3 quotes before we start to fix this really awful bathroom. Awful because it’s rotting away and nothing works properly, it is also outdated but I care very little about that, I just want things to work properly.

I also called a guy to come and quote taking down a large tree that has been worrying us for years now.

I’m back to checking boxes, getting things that have been delayed done and it feels really good.

Yesterday I found out that the shipping on my sons Halloween costume will be delayed so we last minute went looking for a costume. That didn’t work so we came home and looked up how to make the costume and thankfully someone had a pattern on line. So we have now made the mask out of cardboard and will be painting black today. And it actually looks pretty awesome.

Today/tonight my older kids have an event to go to and my husband works till about 11pm. So it will only be my youngest son and I celebrating Halloween together. He and I planned to make Carmel popcorn balls, go trick or treating, and then come home and have a Scooby-Doo watching marathon. He has never seen the cartoons. I was really surprised that he hadn’t stumbled onto them somewhere.

I had to stop another intensely flirtatious chat on here. So much temptation and I let it go so far past the point it should have. Why does doing the right thing always have to feel mean? I can’t be both though, I can’t be in a sexting relationship and focus on the things I need to focus on. I don’t know why I need to keep proving this to myself.

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