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2021-10-31 08:23:46 (UTC)

Under the weather

It’s 4:30am and I just got back in from an outdoor adventure. It was good to get out, even though it’s drizzling, cold night. I’ve been under the weather, (have a cold) but the weather hasn’t been the fest either. It’s only reminding me that my outdoor adventures are becoming less. I’m going to continue until it snows, then I leave evidence of my being outside.

But tonight, even though it’s not the best weather conditions, I wanted to at least get out for awhile, maybe a longer stay. I took my familiar rout , one I’ve taken many times. I didn’t gain any ground , but more over, I was becoming very comfortable in these locations. I made my way towards the entrance again this time, and got as far as the wide open space that I’m trying to get by, but have found that the only way is going to be about 75 yards of complete exposure to both the highway, and to the one complex’s back side. Tonight I saw a light in on one of the units, blinds were closed, and I believe it’s the same one as other times I’ve gone here. I’m assuming they just leave that light on.

But never the less, I was beginning to get damp from the misting rain coming down on my naked body, and my feet were cold and wet. Not like it’s a big deal, but I don’t have anything to dry off with when I get back.

I made my way back to my building and quietly made my way back inside. But one tiny o noticed as I came up over the hill from the road. I could see that the older woman, grandmas room, the lights were on, but the patio curtain was closed. It wasn’t on when I left, but was now. She goes outside to smoke, or sometimes the sexy looking daughter does too. I hadn’t gotten back in tan no sooner did the patio light come on. I knew someone was out, and probably smoking.

So, even though I didn’t gain anymore ground, it was nice getting out after several days of recouping from the cold, and all the down pours of rain.

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