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2021-10-30 18:39:33 (UTC)

Goals Reflection: October 2021


[Names and locations have been obscured to preserve privacy.]

I ended up harvesting the ginger half-way through the month. There were a few cooler days and I was afraid of the plants dying or something, so I set aside an evening after work to tackle the job. I harvested perhaps 2 or 3 pounds of ginger from four plants. The rhizomes were small, and where they meet with the stems there's a fantastic violet-purple colour. I took several photographs to document the harvesting process. It was interesting and unusual. I'm pleased and pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

I also snapped several photographs of the wildflowers that were blooming in the plot. I scattered the rest of my seeds through the bare-ish areas.

Tomorrow is garden clean-up day. I've not visited there since I harvested the ginger, and I'm curious to see how things look. I might show up earlier than the start time tomorrow, and then take some more photographs should there be anything of note. It's been about two weeks.

Things are being firmed-up for my stay at the eco-compound and my application is in and acknowledged by the staff there. May 2022 is my tentative start date.

One last time to post something on this topic, and I think I'll put it to bed. I have a roll-and-write game design that I've grown attached to, though I'd neglected it since perhaps mid-summer. However two things of note popped up on my radar this month that I should make note of.

The first is that one of the game-design groups I'd joined some time ago is now discussing how to coordinate in-person meetings or failing those some online virtual tabletop game design nights. There was a retreat planned for 2020. It was postponed of course, and then when it was put forward to take place in 2022 I opted to drop out because I'm not certain I'll be around when it will take place. But there are other design nights that may happen between now and when I move, so I can at least sit in on those.

The second thing is that my good friend and game designer I caught up with earlier in the summer dropped me a line again, and I'll be bringing my roll-and-write prototype with me after he and his girlfriend requested it. Maybe they're just throwing me a bone. Their intentions aren't that important to me honestly, but the end result is that I dusted off the design materials I'd gathered for it and in the space of a few hours had a revised graphic design and ruleset for it. After I laminate a few game sheets it'll be ready for scrutiny (and/or may bring actual enjoyment...!) come tomorrow. It'll be fun to hang out with them regardless.

I'm proud of that design. I wonder if I should consider a crowdfunding campaign for it to happen in early 2022. It would be cool to launch it sometime round my birthday.

I shipped out a four-piece game board either late last month or early this month. The lady hadn't responded although I received confirmation that it was delivered. Then out of nowhere I receive a message from her, copying another person she knows, referring me to make another custom game board. She mentioned that they "love it" and are very happy with what I sent to them, which was nice to hear.

I was reluctant to reply initially, but responded back a few days later with a hello and a price breakdown. Haven't heard anything back yet, and it's been at least two weeks. Maybe they're mulling it over, maybe they're not interested now that payment was mentioned. I've decided to sell the laser cutter, actually, as I'll be moving early next year and I won't be able to take it with me.

On the soap-making front, I completed a logo and sent it out to friends for feedback. I've also been making more batches of soap on my own. Earlier this evening, I finished the fourth batch I'd made in 5 weeks. My goal is to build up inventory, then put the word out in a couple different channels.

I don't want to go the Etsy route right away, as I think their model is a bit too extractive and they would force my prices to increase just to cover Etsy fees. They're like the "craft pimps." So I want to avoid them if possible, at least initially.

Regarding the day job: I announced my resignation earlier this month, and have written about it previously. This will be an interesting next few months, though of course the future is unwritten. Lots of on-boarding a replacement(s) for the work I do, and lots of selling-off of my possessions. My last month round here will be April '22, and then it's off to the eco-compound. I will be there at least a month, if not longer. The first month is a "trial run" while I'm not a full-fledged worker there, but I'll see if I'm a good fit and will ask to stay longer if they'll have me.

Still haven't visited family since this past summer. The day job schedule hasn't allowed me to do as much. And last week I received a notice in the mail that I may be up to serve in a federal jury trial. For how long? The notice indicated "approximately four weeks." Ho-leeee shit. I call on a Sunday evening, then if I'm selected I start serving the following Monday morning for who-knows-how-long.

My mother isn't pleased with the fact I'm planning to relocate, but it's still a ways off and she's not freaking out about it (yet). She's also a bit more positive about my potential jury service than I am, thinking, "it could be an interesting experience." All I'm thinking is, "There goes December... For Great Justice!"

I've not shared the fact I have resigned with anyone at the day job besides the Leadership Team. It's not considered public knowledge anywhere, actually. My executive director is still hopeful that I'll just work whatever it is that itches me out of my system in a few months, and reminds me that I'm "always welcome back." I am so, so fortunate to have a supervisor and a director that can roll with the changes. My landlords seem all right with this as well, though they admit I've been a great housemate/tenant.

Apart from the recurring pains in my shoulder and abdomen, things are okay health-wise. I've developed some weird pain in my neck, but I think that's from me sitting at a desk and/or sleeping on my side, so I am rolling with it. The exercise bike is my friend, and I still ride about 5 days a week. Because my work schedule has been adjusted so I work in the evenings (I'm teaching night classes), I think I'll be able to manage a ride in the morning shortly after I awaken.

I saw a number of films in-person at the cinemas lately, as well as at home. When I'm on the exercise bike, I frequently watch click-bait videos on YouTube... Stuff like, "30 Animals that Asked Humans for Help" or "The Top 15 Most Unexplained Paranormal Videos." It's just goofy eye-candy.

There will be more audiobooks and podcasts added to the car's flash drive, as I have reached the end of my current batch of 40 and will take in the next batch of 40.

Been having more than a few "private moments" this month, and that's okay by me... My memory is wonderful, and my imagination vibrant.

I leave for vacation at the shore the same day I finish the current training cohort. I am STOKED. I come back into town to immediately see one of my personal Top 5 Movies at the local cinema for a revival screening.

The autumn is my favourite season. It's a season of change for me, personally: both literally and figuratively. The future isn't blank because I have a vision of what it will be. But I know now that I will be in a much different place (again: literally and figuratively) this time next year.

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