Ruby’s healing journey
2021-10-30 02:53:23 (UTC)

Hi woke up realized the baked ..

Hi woke up realized the baked French fries didn’t agree with me probably because it’s processed so I’m banning that yesterday I was low most of the day
Today I feel okay but still feel scared of taking out the trash and I am having another late shower probably my laundry look daunting but I have to do it soon I don’t know why but I felt happy calling my mom but also like I was around “bad energy” vibes I’m going to see what I can do once I take a shower I try that remind myself I often feel better when I do something but the big pile of clothes and dishes are intimidating

I think for me healing might be getting to the point I don’t have to think about my trauma anymore flasback or other wise
And my anxiety and depression is better without meds

It that’s possible anxiety seems to get better with time and help but depression is a beast

Hope everyone has a better morning then me

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