Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-10-29 15:11:42 (UTC)


Woke up of course not doing anything I’m still in bed I hanged my vines wrong so I have to redo them they just didn’t look pleasing egnough so I put it online it’s that I did it in zig zags instead of straight up but with sides I would think I would like redoing it but I dread it I like the aesthetic but don’t like doing work it’s 1115 am forgot to put that I was thinking that I was abused and alone for some of my childhood though it already short so my brain I always looking for fun I guess I want to be okay
I also want to make slime also edible slime I buy stuffed animals but I’m so picky with them I always end up giving it to my brother I bough this 36 dollar plushie from ren faire and I’m not sure I want it I think it was a impulse buy I can’t clean it and it looks werid too me I like the bells on it though all the bell and whistles:p

Im24 but so much like a kid I know somome older is probably going to call me a kid and understand or someone with a simmilar situation knows of a inner child though idk because people with trauma are so varied

Been wanting to go to a water park I miss it

My quarantine should be okay other then I’m scared of going outside to take out the trash in case I have covid so I might get rats

I just want to be left alone to like I have a excuse now not to be around my parents because my dad might make me sick anyway your probably going to get a part two so into then bye

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