Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-10-29 03:14:09 (UTC)

Ever feel like a child

I though I was done but you get a part 3
It’s 11:14 need to got to bed
But I was thinking why I keep wanting to see my parents though they hurt me and I think it’s like this I’m just looking for comfort like a kid looks for comfort My mental health is better but not the best and I have a hard life sometimes like working a low income job I hate having abusive parents not getting a break on abuse and breaking boundaries for a year I’m the best I possibly be and I’m just looking for somone to hug me support me and the only people usually who are there is someone that hurt me and that the only comfort I get that’s the attraction I’m also so damaged I see things like a little kid when it comes to this atleast this is what I think

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