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2021-10-28 21:55:34 (UTC)

Space Cadet Feels the Polyrhythm


I can’t recall the last time I’ve been this excited. I’m over here, listening to Perfume and dancing while washing the dishes, knowing that it’s tomorrow that I get to see my dear friends down at AWA Con. Tomorrow! Just a quick side note – Perfume’s “Polyrhythm” is such an intriguing song. I can’t say I know much about the lyrics, but the vibe of the song and music video is very optimistic and nostalgic. It’s hard to describe but it’s just beautiful in that regard. Anyway – I really could not focus today at work. The group chat for the event was going ham since some of the guys are already there (two live there, too), and I just kept thinking about the fact that I’m joining them in less than 24 hours, to go peruse anime art vendors and do the other thousand things you can do at conventions. I’ve been looking forward to meeting and hanging out with them for so darn long. Despite my mind being on it for the entire day, the workday was actually really smooth. I left my backup rater with only four pending cases, so she’ll probably have it much easier than she did when I left for the breast cancer walk. I’m so excited, I am beside myself with joy!

I’m hoping my happiness doesn’t get undermined by the usual flight travel anxieties. Everything went very well for the breast cancer walk – none of my perceived pain points were realized. I’m gonna get up pretty early tomorrow morning (gonna try to go to bed after writing this – huge emphasis on “try”) so that I can economy parking instead of short-term. That short-term stuff’ll eat your money right up. But with economy, I have to wait for a shuttle to pick me up and whatnot, so I’ll need to allot myself more time to make my flight. I don’t think I’ll have any trouble if I wake up early enough and make it to the airport with at least two hours to spare. I’m a very cautious guy when it comes to timely travel. I don’t play around until I’ve reached the concourse. When I arrive in Atlanta, I’ll also have to get an Uber to get to the hotel. I’ve never used Uber on my own so that’s a mildly vexing thought, but I don’t think it’ll be a big deal. I think once I’ve gotten past the awkwardness of hailing the Uber over the app and I’m in the person’s car, and have understood their personality to the degree of being able to small-talk comfortably with them or be ignored by them (which I’m very much fine with), then I’ll be all set. I think the excitement has overridden any feelings of anxiety. I’ve waited so long for this and it’s finally happening. I know it’ll be over in a flash, too, but the good thing is that I’m planning to vlog the whole trip, so I’ll have a record of it for myself and for the rest of The Friends Club.

Polyrhythm is still playing in my head – such a happy song. Hmm… I’m not sure what else to say! Like with the breast cancer walk, I’ll probably take a few days after the event to get myself settled again and do another post. I definitely won’t be writing posts while I’m there. This is exactly the thing I live for, and I wanna hold on to every moment of it. Don’t let it slip away, Tyler! As a matter of fact, I need to hold on to even these moments here, where I’m awaiting the big meetup, reveling in my excitement while the repetitive chorus of Polyrhythm bounces around in my noggin. It’s so nice to pre-game in this way. It’s like the tailgating before a big baseball game, or when they have a juggler perform before the main show at the Dixie Stampede. The latter is a very specific reference to my second trip to Myrtle Beach, back in like… 2000-something. And I don’t think I’ve ever tailgated before a baseball game before, I just know that’s what people do. I used to do something like this for the days when my mom’s side of the family and I’d go to Philadelphia for our pre-Christmas trip. It often followed Thanksgiving and took place at the end of Thanksgiving break. So it was almost like everything (including Thanksgiving) was a pre-game to the Philadelphia trip. I would even do this weird thing where I’d download a bunch of music and listen to it the night before the trip. I have very weird ways of pre-gaming but I act in the ways my heart compels me to. Being excited for something is great, so if it invigorates me do other things that make me happy, who needs further excuses? I’ve kinda just now noticed how listening to music really gives me the opportunity to express my mood. Fridays tend to be jam session days at work – meaning, I sit at my desk, listening to Aikatsu songs, video game tracks and that one 90s banger I hadn’t heard in ages. Oh yeah that happened today too (today is Thursday but it’s basically Friday for me ‘cause, y’know, I’ve reached an extended weekend). I love being able to dance in my room, too, without fear of someone knowing what an idiot I look like as I make the dumbest dance moves. So yeah, fudge it, I’ll dang my wiener off without any inhibitions, until the moon is at its peak or I get a noise complaint for my stomping.

I feel tired enough to go to sleep now, so I think I’m gonna go do that. Quick shower, shave, then bed. Then I’ll stay up for 30-45 more minutes, thinking about what I’ve forgotten to pack and envisioning how the next day’s gonna go down. Hopefully all the travel goes well this time, just like it did for South Carolina. I’m so excited. I’m ready to do this!

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