My life experances
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2021-10-28 14:16:04 (UTC)

First time I had sex

It happened when I was 16, with a guy that was 19.  We worked at the same place and there was a staff Christmas party.  We were dancing and having fun together.  I was drinking a little and getting really comfortable with him on the dance floor. When the party broke up, he offered to drive me home.  My parents were away for the weekend so when we got to my place, I invited him in to watch a movie or something. So, we got inside and took our coats and boots off and he followed me to the kitchen.  I asked if he wanted anything to drink?  We found a bottle of rum and he made us drinks.  We were standing there talking when he suddenly pulled me close to him and kissed me.  I was a little shocked and not expecting that.  He laughed and kissed me again, longer, and harder this time.  I liked it and kissed him back.  I was nervous of where it could go so I stopped and said we should put the TV on and see what we could find. So, we went to the family room. He brought the rum with us and we were drinking, talking, and Flicking channels, but in no time, he was kissing me again.  I remember thinking things might be going too fast, but I was really liking kissing him and being kissed.  We were making out on the couch, hands wandering over each other,  when I noticed his hand moved to my boob. I was nervous, but I thought it was outside my clothes so figured it was OK.  After a bit more making out and wandering hands, he pulled me onto his lap.  I just went with it.  Remember thinking how hot it was sitting like this making out.  I was so into it I did not even notice he had undone the bottom couple of buttons on my top till I felt his hands on my bare skin. I put my hands on his to stop him. He acted surprised, asked if I did not like his touch?  I said it was not that, that I did like it, but was not sure we should be doing this. He said no worries, we would not do anything I was not ok with. We started making out some more and I let his hands go. His hands wander over my tummy, waist and back, softly caressing my bare skin.  I liked it so I let it go. He undid the next button and the next one, then the next one, all while we kissed and making out.  Next thing I realized my top was completely open, and his hand was touching my boob, outside my bra. I was really nervous; I had never done anything like this before on a date.  I told him I thought this was a bad idea, that it was too fast, and he said no problem.  He said if I did not like it, we could stop, but if I did, he promised we could keep things above the waist tonight.  I reasoned we had already gone this far, and figured nothing more would happen so I agreed. In no time, we were back to making out and things were getting hot.  He somehow got his shirt undone.  He pulled me close so I could feel his bare skin on mine.  He was kissing my neck and shoulders and I was melting!!!  I was so caught up in the moment I did not realize he had unhooked my bra till I felt his hand cup my bare boob!!!  He held me tight, kissing me and holding my boob as I tried to get free.  He stopped and asked what was wrong.  I said I was not expecting that and was shocked.  He said he understood.  Said if I liked it we could do a little more, and that it was after all above the waist so he figured it was ok.  I bite my lip the way I do when I am nervous and said I did not know.  He said he hada n idea.  He gave me the bottle of rum and said to drink some, to help me relax. I took a swig.  He turned off the TV and turned off the lamp beside us so the only light in the room was from the fireplace.  He asked if that was better and told me to take another drink if I wanted. I did and he put the bottle on the table.  His hands were around my waist and he kissed me and asked if I was ok.  I said yes.  We started kissing again and he slowly put his hand under my loosely hanging bra again. I thought to myself he’s already touched me, and nothing more was going to happen, so I just started kissing him back. We made out like that for sometime, both his hands on my boobs, my hands on his chest.  He was kissing my neck and shoulders and I was really getting into it, when he slipped my top over my shoulders and let it fall off me.  It was dark and I loved his hands touching me and his kisses, so I let it fall off. Then he slid my bra straps off my shoulders. I did not want to, but it was dark, and he had already touched them so again I just let him and did not say anything. He held me and had me lean back.  He kissed his way down my chest and between my boobs.  Then without warning he put his mouth over my boob. He softly sucked it and again I was in total shock.  I had never experienced anything like this.  His mouth felt warm and soft and was amazing and I just threw my head back and let out a soft moan and an "oh fuck".  He did one then the other kissing, softly sucking.  He kissed his way back up my body so that our lips met, and we were kissing again, our bodies tight against each other. it was really getting hot and crazy. and I was really getting into it Between the Rum and the new feelings I was having I was not thinking clearly, I was a little dizzy and just lost in what was happening.  We were still making out with me sitting on his lap, bare chest pressed against each other, when suddenly he put his arms around my waist and held me really tight.  He told me to hang on as he started to stand up, so I naturally wrapped my arms around his neck.  He stood up, picking me up, turned and laid me down on the couch.  He kneeled between my legs and took his shirt off and tossed it on the floor.  He grabbed the rum and drank some more then handed it to me.  I did not want any more as I was already feeling it, but he convinced me to finish what was left.  He was looking at me telling me how hot and sexy I looked, and I was feeling a little embarrassed and exposed!  He leaned down and started kissing my tummy at the top of my pants.  He kissed his way up my body till our lips met and lowered himself on me.   We started making out again, him laying on me, his body between my legs.  His weight had me pinned on the couch.  He started grinding his pelvis against mine, like we were having sex as we made out.  I could feel he was hard as he ground his cock against me.  It was kind of hot and sexy, like were having sex but with our clothes on.  I felt it was safe and I did like it, so again I threw caution to the wind and went with it.  We rolled around and went through the motions of having sex for a while, lots of grinding and kissing.  
It was so hot and so fun.  I loved the feeling of his kisses and caresses.  I had even gotten comfortable with my top off and his seeing and touching my boobs. I remember we were laying on our sides, he had me pinned between him and the back of the couch.  Grinding, kissing, caressing, I was loving every minute of it.  He was caressing my tummy and started kissing me really hard.  I didn't think anything of it, just responded.  But then I noticed his caressing fingers had gone lower.  They were actually inside the waistband of my panties.  He had undone my jeans without me noticing. I put my hand on his and pulled it out.  He stopped kissing me and asked what was wrong, if I didn't like that.  I said it's not that I don't like it, and reminded him we said above the waist only was our agreement.  He said he could sense I liked being with him and thought I would like more.  He rolled on his back, pulling me on top of him.  He said if I wanted we could stop and call it a night he understood.  I explained to him that I had never done anything like this before and that I was a virgin and raised that sex was for when you were older.  He again told me he understood and that if I wanted to stop we could and he would leave.  I told him I didn't want him to go, I just didn't want to go any further, when he said he had an idea.  He said we could make it a, keep your undies on rule.  Then he slid his hands down my back inside my jeans and inside my panties and firmly gripped my ass.  He said we could keep exploring each other, but keep our undies on, then he kissed me.  I knew it was a bad idea but I loved his touch and I agreed .  I made him promise no sex and under ware never comes of and he agreed.
He worked my jeans down as far as he could with me on top before rolling me back on my side.  He surprised me when he got up and took his pants off, standing there with just his boxers on.  He motioned me to lay on my back and kneeled between my legs, pulled my jeans off and dropped them on the floor.  He slid between my legs and laid on me, kissing me.  It was so sexy, our body's grinding, like we were having sex with only our undies on.  I was nervous and scared so I just kissed him hard, trying not to think about what was happening.  For the first time I could feel the size of his cock and how hard it was as he was grinding it against me.  I knew I had let things go too far and should have stopped it, but I didn't, I just kissed him and put every other thought out of my mind.
He was on his side beside me, leaning over me kissing me.  His hand slid up my leg and between them.  He started rubbing my pussy through my panties and as he did he kissed me and held me harder.  I was tingling all over.  My body was responding to his touch and I could barely control myself.  Next thing I knew he had pushed my panties to one side and was caressing my bare pussy.  I knew I was very wet and was mortified and embarrassed.  But it felt so amazing I did nothing.  When I asked what he was doing, he whispered just touching.  He whispered it was ok, to just close my eyes and enjoy.  Then he kissed his way down my neck, out my shoulder and collar bone till he put his mouth over my boob.  He softly sucked my boob while his fingers caressed my  pussy.  My mind was racing, my body trembling.  I had never felt anything like this before.  His hand was firmly holding me down and his finger rubbed my pussy in a circular motion.  I could not take any more,  I moan out an "oh fuck" as I had an orgasms'.  I could not help myself.  He kept it going till I couldn't take any more and begged him to stop.  I was trying to catch my breath and compose.  He was doing something I wasn't paying attention to.  He climbed on me, his body between my legs, kissed me and asked if I liked that.  I let out an OMG what was that !!!.  He said good, he wanted me to enjoy that and for me to have an orgasms', and that now it was his turn. his hand was between us when I finally realized what he was doing.  His boxers were gone and he pushed my panties to one side.  it was no longer his finger pressing against my opening, it was his cock.  He was trying to put his cock in me.  He rubbed the tip of his cock over my pussy, then pushed a little bit of it in me.  I asked him what the hell he was doing, to stop, but he put his hands on my waist and held me tight,  I tried to buck him off, but he was too heavy, he had me pinned down and I could not move.  When I lifted my hips off the couch to push him off me, he pushed his cock inside me, all the way inside me, all of it!!!.  I remember the sharp, brief pain and then just a burning sensation.  He put his arms under me, holding his weight on his arms and started to slide his cock  in and out of me.  My pussy was burning as he kept sliding in and out of me.  I told him no, to stop but he just kept going. Then after what seemed like a long time he jammed it in me really hard.  it hurt as he did a couple times really hard and deliberate, then me said "oh fuck yes" as he clapaes on me.  He laid on me for a moment.  I was just in shock and did not know what to do when I realized what had just happened.  He had fucked me and he had cum, cum inside me.
He told me I was amazing.  I said what the fuck, I didn’t want to do that. He claimed  he thought I was saying todo it.  I was not.  We lay there, his cock in me.  It did not hurt anymore, it just felt weird and uncomfortable, kind of a burning sensation.  After a minute or so my butt started to feel wet.  That is when it hit me, he had just cum inside me with no protection.

I was so upset.  I got up and ran to the washroom.  I was crying as I cleaned myself up. What the hell was I thinking.  What if I am Pregnant?  what if I got something from him, I was so stupide.