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2021-10-28 09:31:32 (UTC)

Facebook mapping page

Tuesday, ‎October ‎19, ‎2021

Old Mans Room For All to know

How to avoid Facebook Jail? My way use to be over the years just to invent new Facebook pages. Of course, all the pages will still go to a new phone number but still, my pictures picked out can still be the same as well as the webpage will also be the same with or without the real name just add a tiny bit of something until your out of the so-called Facebook jail. Then even when they release the hold on that page, it will reappear as well and all the news or stories you wrote will reappear on other pages. Maybe if I show you how I do it, then you're able to develop many pages. Just way too many Facebook pages made to add them all. Maybe, a half dozen or more will give you an idea. The same goes with all the other pages you make no matter where are always there even when shut down on Facebook itself. An example is another site that used to be free but went to a paid site, so made another and another but will show a second site for now and maybe able to see what I do. Of course, many people say this is webpage stealing. Wrong, it is making new ones and my name. phone address all real. There are my pages as I can only change them when I wish. No one else can do that. Well, can of course because I like changing a few photos that I don't like.