Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-10-27 17:42:43 (UTC)


Today I had trouble studying I was stressed about school and my dad being sick so I just did the midterm without that it ended okay I got a a my overall grade is a high b
so it ended okay I found out my dad has covid I’m sad he has covid because I want to be a nice person but he wouldn’t get the shot and kinda did this to himself also he was abusive in his own way to me as a kid as adult looking back it makes me not feel like a person
I give my friends a diffrent name because my name triggers me kinda I wanna change it soon

Anyway I have to take the covid test too I’m off work
I have no school work so can hang my vines up tommorow

I’m healing with time and trying new things and doing things I like also being around friends I try to be gentle with myself but as younger person I wasn’t
I’m still comparing myself to other looking at dating apps I feel so unqualified I don’t have a house (I have appartment)or make good money yet I make part time money and ssi I can’t work anymore it tired me out I’m trying to start a jewerly business but I have to learn stuff first