My life experances
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2021-10-27 16:04:05 (UTC)

First sexual contact with anyone

So my first sexual contact of any kind was when I was 14. It was with my brother who was 16. So my parents went to the cottage for the long weekend. Both me and my brother had plans and did not want to go. So after a long lecture of rules they agreed to let us stay home. We were close and got along well, so it was exciting.

Peter had gotten one of the guys he worked with to pick him up some beer. Friday night we were watching TV. He let me have one of his beers - my first one, so I was feeling it before I even finished it. We were wrestling over the remote and he had me pinned. We were laughing our asses off when suddenly he kissed me. Not really sure why, but I kissed him back. Without a word we were making out on the couch with him on top of me. He suddenly stopped and sat up. He said he was sorry, he didn't know what came over him. I said it was ok. Joking was kind of fun as I had never kissed a guy before. He admitted he had never kissed a girl before either. We got to talking about who we liked and didn't like, who we would go on a date with and who we wouldn't. Then he said he had an idea. Since neither of us had dated before, we could practice dating and trying things together. I could tell him what girls liked and he would show me what guys liked so that when we did start dating we would look like we knew what we were doing. I thought about it as he explained his idea. Then told him, as long as no one ever finds out that it might be a good idea. I asked him who would go first.
He suggested we just keep working on our make out skills till we got it right. So we sat on the couch and turned to each other and kissed. It felt really weird !!! We talked about where to put our hands and came up with me putting mine around his neck and him putting his around my waist. We kissed some more, but it was still weird. He suggested we close our eyes and imagine we were with someone we really liked, I closed mine and was thinking about a guy at school I liked. It was much better. We would make out and tell each other more or less pressure, more or less tongue and so forth. We had figured it out and it was really getting good !!! Then he moved one of his hands over my boob. I stopped and asked what he was doing. He said it just felt like the right thing to do. He convinced me to try it a little. He held it and felt it through my top. It did feel like it was something I would want a guy to do so I told him when he was getting too hard. We had it all figured out! I was a little drunk and getting sleepy, so I said I had enough for tonight, But we agreed we could try more Saturday night if we were both home.
When I got up Saturday, Peter was already gone to work. I hung around the house thinking about what we had done. I kept thinking how hot it would be to do the things we did with a guy at school I really liked. All day I could not stop thinking about it. It was after 6 and I knew Peter would be home anytime. I was laying on my bed listening to music when he walked by. He said he was going to grab a shower and we could order food. He told me about a guy from work and got him some vodka coolers, to help myself.. He cam back to my room, with just a towel on and sex a 6 pack of cooler on the dresser. He asked if I had plans and I said no. He said great, we can drink and pick up where we left off last night, asking if I wanted to. I said we could try a bit more. He handed me a drink and when to get dressed. He came back in a few minutes with a t-shirt and pj bottoms on and sat on my bed. We chatted a bit about what we had done the night before and he asked if there was anything I wanted to try. I was a little scared and said dancing maybe, as a couple. He said sure.
I got up, put some slow music on, then stood there like I was going to dance with uncle Fred. Peter stood up and said I think you dance like this on a date. He put my arms up around his neck and put his hands on my hips. Sw swayed to the music for a bit, then he slid his hand around my waist and pulled my body tight to his.. We kept swaying to the music like that. It did seem more like something I would want to do with a boyfriend!! We dance like that to a couple of songs, then he slides his hand over one of my boobs. I said really, you would do that. He admitted he would, his friends had told him that's what girls like. He then said looking at the part of my boob showing just made him want too. He told me all of his friends that had girlfriends said they had got to second base, playing with boobs, so had got the third, finging their girlfrinds and some had got blow jobs. He asked what my friends said they liked, and I said I had never talked to them about it, most had said that they had made out, that was all. He asked if there was anything I wanted to try and I said I didn't know. Then he asked if he could see and touch my boobs. Gave me this story about how he loved looking at girls' boobs, but had never seen or touched any. He seemed really sincere, so after a bit of convincing I agreed to let him see mine
I made him swear he would never tell anyone. Then I took his hand and put it under my top on my tummy. He quickly slid it up to and over my boobs. He fondled them kind of awkwardly over my bra for a bit, then asked to see them. I let go of holding his neck and took a step back. I took my top off over my head and dropped it on the floor. He looked with shock ! I moved closer to him, not knowing what to do I put my arms around his neck again. his hands were on them quickly. a couple times I had to tell him not so hard and not so ruff. I was totally embarrassed when my nipples got hard. It felt really weird and awkward. I would just close my eyes and imagine it was a hot guy doing it. I told him what felt good and what didn't. He was trying to get his hand under my bra. I let go of him and took a step back. He looked at me and said he thought maybe. I knew what he wanted. I reached my arms around behind me and undid my bra and slipped it off. He looked like he didn't know what to do as he stared at them. I was a little embarrassed so I moved back close to him and put my arms back around his neck. He caressed and fondled me, he played with my hard nipples. A few times I told him that something hurt or felt bad. He definitely seemed to be enjoying himself, I definitely was not.. His phone rang, it was his friends wanting him to go out. He made some excuse to blow them off. While he was on the phone I grabbed a sweater and put it on. When he got off the phone he asked what we should try next.
I said I had no idea, all this was something I had never even thought about before. He said some of his friends told him they got blow jobs and hand jobs from their girl freinds, But I was quick and firmly let him know that that would never happen. He sat on my bed for a bit then came up with the idea we could show each other. I asked him to show what?. He said he had never seen a girl's parts, only in pictures. If I showed him mine he would show me his. I was a little curious to see a real penis, so I agreed. He talked me into going first. I made him sit at the end of my bed and I moved to the other end leaning up against the wall. I was having second thoughts but he convinced me. I slid my pj bottoms and panties down to my ankles and lifted my knees. He got me to part my legs as far as I could with my panties around my ankles. He looked intently, moving closer. He asked to see inside it. I was embarrassed, but I held it open so he could see inside. He reached for it, but I quickly covered it up. He begged me to let him touch it but I would not let him. I pulled my panties and PJ's back up and reminded him it was his turn.
He stood up and dropped his pants. his penis was standing straight up !!! it was bigger than I expected. He was stroking it as I looked at it. He asked if I wanted to touch it but I said no. He said he had to go and grab his stuff. I asked why and he said he needed to jerk off. I don't know why but I asked if I could watch him. So he laid on my bed and jerked it till he shot cum all over himself. It was so freaking. When he stopped he cleaned up and we laughed about it.
He went back to his room. But all night all I could think about was the size of it and how it would hurt going in me, and the gross cum. I figured I would never have sex EVER !!!!
We never talked about that night for a few years