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2021-10-27 05:50:02 (UTC)

Last night raining

Last night I tried going outside, hoping to continue scoping things out. I knew it had rained, but thought it had stopped, but as I opened the door, I could hear the rain, not a heavy rain, but more like a very light rain. It was not only damp out, but it was much colder out too, in the high 40’s.

I decided to at least try it, so I stepped out into the cool, damp night air. I could feel the cold raindrops falling on my nude body, and the wet ground under my bare feet. I decided not to stay out long, and so I mad a quick stroll behind my neighbors back fenced in patio. I would love to go around to that end of their unit, but there is a patio door off of their bedroom, and it has a Ring doorbells on it, but also, they sometimes leave their patio light on too.

I was only outside for a few minutes and came back inside. I’m trying to acclimate my nude body to the cooler temperatures. I also need to check out the area this weekend, by taking walks, and observing things, like Ring doorbells, places to go, stuff like that. I’m definitely hoping to make it to the complex entrance before Christmas.

It’s 2:00 am, and I see my neighbor on the other side of me has her light on. This isn’t unusual for her at this time, she’s probably out smoking on her back step. I could go out anyway, I’ve done it before when she’s out. She can’t see, we’ll she could, because her privacy fence is a shadow box style fence. But she wouldn’t be expecting someone to come out at that time of night.

I plan on trying to get out tonight, but waiting to see.

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