no name
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2021-10-26 17:06:17 (UTC)

Not feeling it.

I’m well aware of that.
I don’t feel any type of gender in the first place, as though I’m missing any type of connection to my sex or any other way of identifying one’s self. So agender, would be the appropriate title for me to fall under. But then when it comes to physical form, how I *want* to look, I feel more like Demi-boy. Because I want to look and sound more masculine. See what I’m saying is that while I WANT to be and feel and look masculine or maybe like a feminine boy rather than a ??? Girl, I don’t FEEL like anything, neither male nor female. So even if I feel jealous of someone who is able to look masculine, I know if I did, I wouldn’t FEEL like anything different; it’s just appearance/expression envy.
I’ve never had that kind of connection with my body anyway.

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