no name
2021-10-25 23:33:05 (UTC)


I’ve never felt that kind of thing before. It’s either late bloomer or I simply don’t experience sexual or romantic attraction to real people. That leaves me with aesthetic attraction because I still seem to have a subjective (which applies to everyone) opinion on beauty, plus, I am capable of becoming emotionally attached or forming emotional connections. So relationships, which I still do want, wouldn’t be impossible. It’s simply a matter of not feeling the same things. I feel like I’m missing many types of feelings.

I’m pushing the G thing aside for now because, yeah. Many things are getting pushed aside for now because there’s no point in being repetitive about something I already know.
I don’t intend on having sex. The exchanging of bodily fluids, the texture, and fleshy feeling is not something I would like to anticipate for my future. I’m more of a cuddles and chaste kisses kind of person rn.

I’m tired.