Ruby’s healing journey
2021-10-25 21:23:13 (UTC)

More of day

I really want to work at this place on Japan I see that makes cute edible fruit
Creations though I probably need to learn how to use the cash register to do that

I want to learn how

I tried wire wrapping a wireI had a lot of trouble with it I didn’t get it I got close but then I tangled it somehow my tremor was also making it hard I think I’ll try another day i list ed to lowfi music while doing it
I forgot to put this in my journal my dads been sick for a while but wouldn’t get tested he is finally getting tested because he is still sick I’m afraid of going to work and stuff but I know if I explain to my boss that he won’t get tested there not going to know what to do he will get tested now but tommorow
I told my social worker on text but she still came over I don’t even know if she read the text but I assume anyway

Have to study but have to go to the groccery store first it’s raining hope everything going to be okay

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