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2021-10-25 16:17:00 (UTC)


I really do not like the way I write sometimes.
Anyway, I'm watching this show and I'm gaining false expectations for people again, once again motivating me to become an antisocial person.

The main point I was going to make before I saw how terribly bad my sentences looked, was that I am probably a neurotypical person. If I wasn't there surely would've been some signs at an early age to point towards that being the case. But I'm watching Atypical and I'm wondering how accurate its depiction of neurodivergence is. Then again, you can't necessarily generalize every person that may have some sort of condition that sets them apart in a way since every person is different, condition or not. Jeez, the scene I just watched, it was kind of painful, I had to pause before continuing. That has to do with empathy or something, right? Makes me want to be nicer to people, being able to hear this internal monologue from the main character. You never know what's going on inside someone's mind or what their feelings and opinions about certain things are. Gotta make sure someone else is comfortable, ask what is actually okay and what isn't. Maybe not be blunt but be honest. Being kind sounds safe.
Not like I'll ever get to experiment socially since I'm stuck in this room or in the company of my family all the time. Man, when I get out of here I'm gonna be so awkward it'll be impossible to make friends with people. That's fine though.

Watching this makes me want to talk to people and learn about them and their behaviors, their minds, thoughts, feelings, emotions, personal baggage. This makes me curious. I'm not even on the surface with the people of this world, I'm simply looking at it, and none of it is transparent.

Episode 1 is over, and oh dear, I'm worried. Isn't Julia an adult?