Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-10-25 18:21:29 (UTC)

Today is a okay day so far

I need to study for the midterm but I managed to get my meds today
My apartment is clean t (social worker)helped by watching me
though my mom doesn’t respect my boundaries she’s not un helpful she told me to not use more then one dish so my sink wouldn’t be swamped so I decided to do that though I’m keeping the mugs unless I get tired of cleaning them then I ll rotate them because I like my mugs

Thinking of putting more fake vines up want my apartment to be extra fairycore but don’t know if I have egnough time

Also I tried drawing a flower again it doesn’t look like the reference but looks more like a flower
And I managed to draw a anime styled eye without any wonkyness I just had to erase a little

This is a little encouraging maybe I can do it soon?

Not sure though because I still can’t draw a straight line and I do have a mild tremor I like exacts

My acne also look like it’s leaving but that’s too early to say it does what it wants sometimes it looks like it’s leaving but it’s not

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