My secret life
2021-10-25 07:35:51 (UTC)

Been a few days

It’s been several days since my last venture out, mainly due to the heavy rains.

Tonight the rain has paused briefly, but the ground is wet and cold, but I wanted, no, I needed to go out. So, I slipped out of my pj bottoms into my completely nude self, snd I slipped out the back patio door. I didn’t have any set direction I was planning to go, but after I was outside, I went towards the direction of the road which leads in either direction of previous romps. I get to to riad area which completely puts me out in the open in plain view of vehicles. As I looked to my right, towards the intersection of the road and gas station, I saw yellow blinking lights. There were what appears to be utility work going on in the direction I was possibly going. I don’t think they would have seen me, but I didn’t want to chance it. I changed my plans, and headed towards the main entrance to the complex to try again to make it across the entrance to the other side of the complex.

Most days as I drive in and out of the complex, I look for areas to go so as not to be completely exposed or at least a place to duck into if need be. As I make my way along side the road, and trees and bushes, the ground is very wet and cold. The air is cool as well and I can feel the cool, damp air on my naked body. If you’ve never felt that before, it’s like nothing you’ve felt before.

I made my way along this path I’ve taken several times before, being cautious not to be seen. I would love to take pictures of myself out in these places to document what I do, but the camera doesn’t have enough light for it to work, and I definitely don’t want it to flash if I was taking a picture. I’ve often considered an early morning sort venture out when it’s just getting light out. Concerns are that that’s when some people get up, and it increases my chances of being caught. But, I’m not ruling it out.

Right now I want to do badly, go further, further into areas that take me far from my home base. Tonight, as I was making my way, not creeping, or crouching along the way, no I walked along the area as if I had clothes on, and I was just out for a walk. Oh how if dreamed about just walking right out in the open, walking along the driveway around the complex. Her I am, completely naked, walking around the neighborhood just like so many do as they walk there dogs, or are just out for a walk. It’s not like I’ve got this ragging erection going on! No, me dick is in complete relaxed mode. Yes, my balls and dick hang down, but it’s not at full attention. But, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

As I got closer to the entrance, I could see the entrance to the complex where there is a lit, stone wall with the complex name on it. I’d love to get to that and stand in front of that sign. I make it to the place I’ve gotten to the last time. There is a very wide area, that has no trees or bushes to be concealed by if needed. I decide to take a chance and go out into the open area, to let’s say, “test the waters”. Sometimes you have to take a chance if I’m going to achieve my goal of making it to the entrance. I was focused on the last building complex, which is the last one by the entrance. I was looking fir open blinds, lights on, as I crept out further into the open. I was so focused on the builds, I forgot about the road. As I was about halfway across the open space, I caught a glimpse of headlights coming towards me, it was practically so close, they had to have seen me as I quickly made my way back towards the pine trees. As I darted into the trees, I heard the car directly behind me. This is definitely a big rush, one that isn’t what you’re wanting, but here’s this, white, naked, body headed for the trees. Well needless to say, I was done for tonight , and I made my way back to my unit. It’s now 4:30 am and I’m back inside, pj bottoms back on and warming up my feet. Till the next adventure.