Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-10-25 03:05:10 (UTC)

Went to work

Went to work was hard I did some things wrong I just so through with working at a retail store my plan is to start selling jewerly soon just have to figure it out but memory wire bracelets feels promising I think I’ll eventually get it. Just not sure about n s braclets because I couldn’t find any steampunk gears that were the right size for the memory wire and I’m afraid of securing them with wire I’m afraid it’s not going to look professional (been trying to make braclets for friends ) I also am going to have to ship it to her and I’m worried about the price I wonder if pepole that work at my store love there job

2 days ago my therapist was telling me that I would find something that I am good at personally I don’t believe her I think everthing I want her is going to be fought with a lot of hard work it’s not going to be easy with me but maybe I can do everthing but with hard work and a lot of try’s I tried everything it’s all hard