Becoming quietly confident
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2021-10-24 22:40:31 (UTC)

Weekend notes - coffee, sex, lesbians, Hawaii

18 only!

Soccer has ended 🙌
Which means I for the next little while am no longer a soccer mom. At least ‘till I find the next league for him, Lol.

For reasons I will not state I woke up really horny this morning and my husband was stirring next to me so I reached over and started cuddling with him stroking his cock. And then with out asking and before he could stop me I just climbed on top of him and started fucking him. He groaned and said ‘yes’ in that tone that means ‘dear god yes’. I fucked him on top for a few minutes but I am no fucking good at being on top so I laid down next to him and commanded him to get in me. And he did. I masturbated as he fucked me which made him groan louder. Till he came on my pussy. I finished myself off while he kissed my nipples. And he whispered “I needed your pussy”. I bet he did, I’ve been teasing his cock for nearly a month now. Anyone who follows this diary understands how confusing those words are though. He holds back from sex a lot. Maybe he needs me to take control more. This is not really my nature but maybe it’s necessary.

We then got up and had coffee and some serious conversations about maintaining this house. He tries to shift blame to me sometimes but I even managed to call him on that. Honestly if it was only up to me everything would be done by now but he hesitates and has a hard time with decisions and just when I get him committed to one thing he is back to looking at other options. It’s infuriating.

I have a lesbian hitting on me at work which is entertaining but also like no, just no.

I’ve been thinking about Hawaii a lot, I lived there when I was little. I talked to a kiddo a few days ago that was from there and we compared notes on coconut trees. You see, I was told I could never play under the coconut tree in our front yard cause a coconut could fall, hit me in the head and kill me. This kid was nodding the whole time and added that coconuts kill more people every year than shark attacks. I have no idea if this is true but it was fun comparing notes on Hawaii with someone who lived there at the same age I did.

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