Ruby’s healing journey
2021-10-24 16:19:28 (UTC)

One of those frustrating days

I slept over my parents house today sometimes I do that though I want to never see them again I did because I had dishes that were overflowing and my parents said they would help if I slept over there really helpful mostly not the type of parents that leave you to do everything it’s just another reason why I don’t want to see them related to abuse and boundaries.

However I am scared I am going to leave those plates there because I have depression that is medicated when I remember also I feel like I don’t have time most of the time

I go to work today so I’m just kinda frustrated. I don’t like my job I feel like I’m losing precious time for other things and it feels like a lot though I work part time

I’m trying to make a jewerly flower crown art business online but I’m still learning how to do that stuff
I think I’m mainly going to use memory wire because it’s easier

I’m 24 years old my b day was in September

I am still growing I don’t really want to work at this job today and I also have no time to do much of anything in the morning

I’m thinking of getting a job cleaning if I can’t learn to do things faster I like cleaning better I will probably have to look online to figure how to clean stuff but it should be more fun then this

In better news I cut out most if not all of the notifications on my phone that I don’t need

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