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2021-10-23 23:54:05 (UTC)

Prompt 136: UN in NYC

136. The United Nations, an international community of representatives from hundreds of countries around the world, holds its meetings in New York City. Do you think this is the best location for the U.N.? Why or why not?

From what I can gather, this is both an historical and financial legacy. The UN was established in 1945, at the close of WW2. The USA was the top of the heap at the time, and still had more growth to do. It was also half of the USA-USSR Cold War that began brewing almost immediately after Japan's surrender. The USA has also been the UN's top financial - and likely in-kind and material - contributor throughout its history.

It's interesting to consider what will become of the UN as the USA continues its decline. Will the UN dissolve before the end of the US empire? Will China create its own counterpart organization to further its goals and those of its Asian allies? Will the UN shift priorities as the US slips from the top spot of world economic contributor?

I can only speculate. My gut tells me that the UN will eventually be dissolved as environmental destruction continues unabated and countries withdraw to either protect or oppress their own citizens. With "natural resources" now in dwindling supply, and those that are accessible harder and harder to reach, global competition and overpopulation will force countries to compete with growing intensity. The UN's peacekeeping missions will eventually be unfunded, as the US will either embrace isolationism, will dissolve or fall apart due to civil war, or will begin offensive campaigns against Chinese ally states in an effort to secure raw materials for production of US goods.

Imagine a day when the UN is kicked out of their NYC headquarters... Wow. A striking, comprehensive symbol of the USA's decline indeed: economic, social, military, ethical, and moral. Maybe by 2050?