Pleasantly Disturbed

Broken Glass Park
2021-10-24 01:39:31 (UTC)

❤Simon Pegg❤

I know I'm always getting new crushes. I'm as bad as a teenager, in that regard. I love Simon Pegg because he reminds me a lot of my husband. He has so many cute mannerisms in Shaun Of The Dead, it's stupid. In Man Up he is insanely charming. That's his sexiest character by far. Hector & The Search For Happiness is possibly his best movie and Hector is the cutest bean, though that may be my bias for Simon Pegg. Lol.

My husband and I loved The World's End. Simon Pegg's mannerisms as Gary King in that movie are so much like my husband's that even my husband said he reminded him of himself.

That wasn't enough to make me have a massive crush on Simon Pegg, though I also found him very cute and hilarious as Scotty in the Star Trek movies. I really, really ship Scotty and Jayla! Lol. No, it was Shaun Of The Dead that did it. Shaun is more normal and not really crazy like Gary King. Even my husband was not as crazy as Gary King when I first met him, though he had that wild, fun zany energy.

I like Simon Pegg so much that I even like his character Nicholas Angel in Hot Fuzz a lot. He's very serious, uptight, polar opposite of Gary King. He does loosen up throughout the movie, but man that was a good look on Simon Pegg. He was super cute with his short blonde hair and when he has the police hat on.

I get a crush on every one of his characters, I swear. I'm sure there will be one I don't, eventually. I'm not watching any more of his movies, though for a while because I want to buy them and I don't have money for that right now. Call me old school, but I like DVDs. Lol.