Please leave no scuff marks.
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2021-10-23 23:10:10 (UTC)

Saturday and I took the day ..

Saturday and I took the day easy. I trimmed the one tree back quite a bit and I swept up the patio got it nice and pretty. Tidied up the shed a bit.
And I made 2 trips out to the warehouse and brought back well too loads of boxes and that they're in batch room and they're in the car right now and there in the living room now too. I figure I have one more load and then I'll sign off on the warehouse and then you know give it back to them and stop paying rent on it.
Joe called we talked about moving to quebec uh quebec or some place else Ireland or someplace. hes having trouble with the paperwork. What with being crazy and all.
Brian came over for a bit we talked about well the survey companies are all incredibly busy.
I checked out Rudy's and a couple other places but I ended up not going out drinking at all.

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