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Amore Meet The Cast:

Genre: Drama, Romance
Tv Rating: 14 (VLDS)
Start: May 25, 2020
End: June 3, 2022
Camila Redona as Camila Maita/Marga Andrea Redona
Rolando R as Redona
Supporting Cast:
Liezel Lopez as Mariana "Maria" Redona - Camila/Marga's Sister
Jackie Rice as Elisse Redona - Mother Of Camila Maita/Marga Andrea
Brenda Gonzalez as Tamara Romero Sanchez - She hates Camila Maita and Marga Andrea.
Jak Roberto as Ignacio Romero Sanchez - Tamara's Father
Myka as Eunice Redona - Camila/Marga's Foster Mother
Fernanda Peon as Jennifer - Tamara's friend
Marga Moreno as Alexa - Tamara's Friend
Janessa P as Maggie - Camila/Marga's Friend
Jorge Torres as Antonio - Camila/Marga's Childhood Friend
Jorge M as Armani - Tamara's Love Interest later on Camila/Marga's Boyfriend

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