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2021-10-22 23:13:38 (UTC)

A Friday

Today felt rather bright. I can't even trace all my thoughts though, I did become more aware of how I unconsciously add a "t" to "though". I've spent the day doing chores and there's more to do tomorrow, then delighted in a headache afterwards. This means that I couldn't go up to the studio to start "Survival". DG kindly reminded me that I have a trilogy to continue. Drawing is slowly becoming like writing in the sense that I'm planning out projects and preparing for them before starting the final piece. It makes me focused and therefore happy. Still, there are moments, always, when I slip. Emotionally, that is. Anyway, if I keep writing here during my emotional slip ups ONLY then this diary gets too repetitive.

On a happier note, I'm traveling to Germany on November 2nd to visit my sister. It was almost spontaneously decided after my parents' short trip. They met with her for a day and saw just how much she was struggling. For someone who was constantly surrounded by friends and going to parties, having a lot of alone time can be daunting and lonely. Enter the big sister, yours truly. It was a little annoying initially, how I'm asked to drop everything and visit her for a while. They all assumed a trip like that will do me good, too. It will because I'll make it so but the idea that I'm on standby is frustrating at time. However, after speaking with D myself, I genuinely felt needed. She's very much looking forward to this. I sorted things out with work anyway and started letting people know I'll be gone for two weeks. It's weird but I just want to slip away quietly. It'll coincide with the very beginning of NaNoWriMo and I'm not going to miss it this year. I think I'll be going to a creative-friendly environment though. Hell, it might be extra inspiring.

Another headache is creeping up. Bedtime it is then.

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