My secret life
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2021-10-22 07:38:35 (UTC)

I made it!

It’s 3:30 am and I just got back in from making it out. This is my furthest I’ve gone since I started my neighborhood nude walks.

Tonight was rather cool out, but I actually didn’t feel cold which I attribute it to my heart beating so fast. The excitement, the knowing that being outside, naked is a complete no, no makes it even better. I wish I could share this feeling with someone, someone who can appreciate what I get out of doing this. This is not my first outdoor nudity, as I have done this when I was growing up many years ago. Even the length of time clothe less, I’ve gone for hours when I was a kid. But those are other stories I have, and want to share with anyone interested. Tonight is just a new chapter of my enjoyment of nudity, around my neighborhood.

I made my way out tonight, and took my route down over the hill, and made my way along the ditch by the road. I’m able to see cars coming in time, to make cover of the pine trees between the highway and the complex. I made my way to the brightly lit business, which I want to possibly explore the idea of roaming in the parking lot of the business, but need to scope out for security cameras.

I’m now very visible to anyone at the gas station catty corner from where I’m at. I now make my way across the back sides of the next two units, taking notice of any lights on in windows or open shades. I’m cautious as I travel behind these units, it’s new territory, and I am not sure of all situations.

I make it to the end building that butts up to the neighboring neighborhood of houses. I can see the back yards of several houses. Again I’m very cautious not to be seen, but I step out into complete openness in full view of anyone of the houses to see me. I nervous, but excited at the same time, I’ve made it more than 400 yards from my unit, and I’m now standing in possibility someone’s back yard completely naked. It’s a complete rush!

I’m not sure how long I’ve been out, but I feel a great accomplishment, making it that far, and don’t want to chance it further without further daytime, in clothes, investigations. I make my way back along the same path as I came, my now naked body, very cool to the touch in the 51 degree temperature. As I make my last leg of my adventure along the road, I see behind me a car has pulled out of the gas station, and I’m in full view of the car. The car is probably 100 yards away, but I dart up into the pines, to hide myself, not knowing for sure if they caught a glimpse, or just didn’t notice. It doesn’t matter either way to me, they never slowed, or stopped, but kept going.

I’ve made it back in, and slipped back into my PJ bottoms. I look at the time, and it’s now 3:35 am and I always check to see what time I left, and tonight, I left at 2:43 am. I was surprised, my longest time out here. I had been out almost an hour! Wow! I have so many more places I want to go, the housing development, the business area, and there is even on the far other side of my complex, an apartment complex! I could post travel as far as a mile away. There are many places to go, new adventures, all this in the nude. I’m not here to expose myself to anyone, but knowing that I might be seen is a rush, and the idea of me being naked out in a public place is such a rush. If anyone who reads this, and other of my adventures would like to see my actual routs I’ve taken up to tonight I’m open to share. I’d also like to hear from others who share my enjoyment of nudity, and heard your stories as well. I’ve only met, or talked with, one other person who shares my enthusiasm of public nudity. There has to be more of us out there. Thanks fir taking time to read my diary of things in my life.

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