Shakespeare's moon
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2021-08-30 00:05:30 (UTC)

dreaming of normal

Lying here on my naked stomach in your bed, with the sheets just halfway up my back covering me and keeping me warm. I am fading in and out of sleep half wondering what is on your mind when I feel you turn towards me in the bed. I feel your hot breath, near my skin and it sends chills of excitement up my spine, but I play like I am fully asleep and do not stur. I feel your hand caress my hair gently and lovingly and feel it slowly creeping down my back. You just sit there for what seems like hours, before lying back down near my side. You lovingly wrap your arm around me and pull your body close to me. I fade off some, drifting to the scene just moments earlier. The thought of holding you close to me, our bodies wrapped around each other, and making sweet love to you. The way you looked into my eyes while caressing my hair and cheek before kissing me yet again. I could have stayed in that moment all my life. Your words still linger in my ears, sweet whispers of love and how beautiful I looked at the moment despite my pleas of how I looked wretched.
I think about those words among other memories. Even when my hair is a mess, and I am just lounging in a baseball hat and glasses you will stop in the room and look at me for a moment. When I respond with my ever usual “what?” you just smile and remind me how beautiful you think I look. Those words, even though you say them often, bring a smile to my face still.
I think of the days I am all made up, dressed up, and ready for a night on the town. How your eyes never leave me for even a moment, and how your constantly looking at me and just smiling. Before I could even ask why your looking, you just tell me how I am the most breathtaking thing you have ever seen, and how you can’t take your eyes away from me for even a moment. The feel of your hand softly caressing my cheek before you kiss my lips softly send me spinning.

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