Shakespeare's moon
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2021-10-20 00:00:26 (UTC)


Laying next to you, your arm around my waist feeling my body just reveling in the feel of your skin on mine. Your fingers grab me and pull my body close enough to feel the heat radiating off yours next to mine while your arm reaches up and wraps around my neck. You're holding me as close as we can be, feeling the warm air graze past my ear. Suddenly, without warning, all the pain and hurt just starts to melt out from me instinctively past my control. Tears fall as my guard lets go. I’ve never felt this safe or secure before. The moment the first tear falls, you say “just release and let it go. Dive into the pain and I will be your line back.” I know without a doubt you are the harbor in the storm I have been tossed about in, and exhale. .

You pull me close as I just silently cry and dive off into all the hurt I have been holding in and trying to navigate and push further down to just cope with day after day life. When I start to feel overwhelmed, those sweet soft lips are on my neck, covering me in kisses bringing me back to right here and right now. I turn to face you, and feel your hand under my chin, before feeling your lips grazing mine. I lean in and bite your bottom lip and slide my hands up and grab your face. My fingers graze your cheeks, sliding down your shoulders to your arms. I touch your arms lightly just feeling the soft feel of your skin under my fingers, sliding my finger tips up and down your arms. I can feel electricity, the more I touch your warm skin.

“I have never felt safe like this in a long time, I can’t even explain how right it feels right now.” I lean in and bite your lip again pulling it towards me before kissing you. I feel your body tense up and you start to return the kiss. Softly at first, growing into more pressure then sliding your lips down the side of my face to my neck then down to my shoulders. My body just leans into yours, enjoying the attention it has been craving for the longest time.

I may continue this later ..........