Shakespeare's moon
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2021-10-21 23:40:07 (UTC)

Life in general

a sharp pain in the chest,

the one that always tends

to bring forth my river of tears.

How it cuts like a hot knife,

tearing away what good is left remaining

from the years of neglect and pain.

Just how much can one human heart take,

before it gives in and breaks?

And with it the shattered remains

of my withering soul.

The soft essense of my being,

crushed, scattered, and blowing in the wind,

like the petals of a tender daisy.

OH How my soul aches to find some calm,

in the midst of my inner storm.

Some safe harbor from the outerlying

turmoil, and strong winds that are beating down

the sails of my spirit.

My body aches for the feel of a soft touch,

the sweet reassurance of that gentle feeling.

The feeling of being yet loved again,

the knowledge of being worth something yet again,

rather than the cold wind of loneliness,

the dark of worthlessness,

and the hardness of abandonment.

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