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2021-10-21 18:25:32 (UTC)

Not fair not fair not fair not fair

I’ve made too many mistakes today. I don’t even feel like staying awake anymore. It’s like I’ve strayed so far from the path, unable to go back, that I no longer want to try making it to any destination at all. Timing, self control, expression. It’s all been wrong. I’ve been wrong. I was meant to wake up earlier. I was meant to start working earlier. I was meant to shower earlier. To put that stuff in the washer earlier. To remain at ease, letting thoughts flow freely, not causing them to fog up my brain. I did not do what I was meant to. My priorities, they’ve been set askew. School, sleep, languages, entertainment. But I’ve screwed everything up.

Loki is unbearably attractive. But that’s irrelevant, and another thought that will lead me to getting distracted from what’s truly important. Is that lust? Aw heck nah.

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