theorizing fool

Processing Life
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2021-10-21 13:12:42 (UTC)


You're right, Ash. I'm volatile. I'm emotional. She's better. I'm all over the place. I shouldn't be around people. I'm poison. How many did I bother and ranted to in order to process this? It took 3 days to go through all the stages of grief. I feel like a failure that I got affected so much by something this petty. I'm sorry. I keep saying sorry and thank you. I'm like a broken record.

But this was a blessing in disguise. It was bad for me to stay in that server. Let go, Rayne. For the nth time, let go, a never-ending let go. This keeps repeating. This just means there's a lesson to be learned. I have no way of knowing, but I hope I've learned my lesson this time.

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