The Covid Diaries
2021-10-19 22:56:48 (UTC)


Mood: sad

Marlon tried talking to me today but only because Jaquis isn't here because her baby is sick so she's been out for quit a while now and then when she comes back he can go back crawling and talking to her. I'm not gonna fall for his foolishness again with the way he's treating me.

And as far as KD it's not gonna work. I just know its not gonna work. He just wanted to fuck anyways that's the only reason he came to my house that day. He can say that he "likes me" or whatever but I don't believe that shit honestly.

Idc about zavion ass anymore either he probably with someone up their at 7 hrs away at college. But he can kiss my ass too. They ALL CAN KISS MY ASS.

Not really though.



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