no name
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2021-10-19 16:55:09 (UTC)

caution: just kidding

i know ive said this before, but the only people i would let facef*ck me are loki and armin, idk bro its just a matter of trust, just saying. But yuuichi could knock me out and I'd say thank you. Goodbye.
wait nvm

only reason i dont say Yuuichi is because he's a menace and would probably break me, psychotic sadist he is. ANYWAYS, maybe Erwin. because. like. yes. and yeah. Yeah. That's it though because im quite sure that rreaking kuroagir wouldportal me out of existence, he may seem polite but he could be just as down bad as yuuichi, im sure. but short blonde tangerines like krista or AARMIN HELLO
are welcome to kill me with [redacted] and [redacted] my [redacted] out of [redacted] without holding back 😋