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2056-01-21 11:16:00 (UTC)

Miss Info (Photos Version)

This just in! Robots disguised as import models and I-bankers are infiltrating the hoods, spreading the dreaded dress-alike-think-alike virus by way of those mighty Fung Wah busses. But fear not, according to the reports, the Far East Movement is here like a yellow menace. They're far east coast, far west coast, worldwide, in a word: unstoppable. From flushing Modstreet, East Broadway, Thirty Deuce, Fort Lee, Bayside, 8 Ave, Lauren's Ave, Santo, Alhambra, Little Saigon, K-Town, it's the anti-robot movement. We're not friends, we're family, believe that. Alright now back to your previously scheduled program.

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