Ruby’s healing journey
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2021-10-18 23:17:42 (UTC)

I was supposed to study but I ..

I was supposed to study but I don’t have my charger I’m still need to study for about 20 more minutes to finish my video then I have to read the chapter and write notes I have been trying to teach myself how to draw again but I had no luck this month it’s almost over and I still haven’t progressed much in a measurable way I need to do this so I’m not stuck at my art class when I take it

I’m just so frustrated I don’t get how I can easily progress in makeup but not drawing but the foundation feel so smooth when I use it for eye makeup it’s easy to apply but for drawing it feels hard
I can draw squares let alone a straight line I can’t draw eyes anymore maybe I never could everything is wonky and not straight I don’t know if I have a tremor or if I just need to practice harder or there’s something wrong with my brain when it comes to drawing and I have almost platued i draw ed so much for fun and threw out so much because of trauma I can’t see if I ever improved

I just feel so frustrated I feel like I’m not good at anything I want to be or learn something

I saw a little change in the anime eyes drew but that is it I’m so sick of being basic

Anyway there’s my rant

On better things I got a poke bowl probably going to get some sparkling water and I have a cute outfit and wig (I bought it for ren faire but been wearing around places)on today

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