The Covid Diaries
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2021-10-17 01:13:36 (UTC)

Another funeral

So,I had to go to another funeral today sadly. It was my uncle on my mother's side that had passed. And he got killed to gun violence and the messed up thing is that it was over this guy that didn't wanna get being exposed for being gay and having a whole wife and family and everything. And he was on probation too. So, he's going away for a long time and yes my uncle was gay so yea that happened all because of a man couldn't come out of the closet.

We got our t-shirts and pen and everyone hung out all day pretty much. I've been around family since the day it happened and before my bday even though it was really sad. I enjoyed hanging out with the family that I didn't know until, now. But yea, honestly I'm tired of eating so much damn chicken and pound cake. Well, maybe not pound cakes but definitely chicken.


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